Our Flours

Gallo has a wide variety of flours made from the best quality wheat and especially produced for every purpose: they are ideal for sweet recipes as well as for savoury or fried dishes. In addition, Gallo also offers its gluten-free mix flour, the best option for those gluten intolerant consumers who do not want to give up all the flavour of a quality flour. A type of flour for every occasion so your dishes will always be flawless and cooked to perfection!



Here at Gallo we mix our flours so you can have the finest quality and the most flavour in all your recipes. Made from wheat, Gallo’s flours are ideal for your sweet recipes as well as savoury or fried dishes. You will always find the perfect variety for every purpose.



Flour is an essential ingredient in any kitchen and thanks to it we can make endless recipes such as bread, pastries, pizza dough, empanadas, battered dishes, cakes or pies, and it can also be used to thicken sauces. There is a wide variety of delicious recipes with flour as their main ingredient and we are sure that many are in your own cookbook.

But not all flours can be used for the same purpose. This is why, at Gallo, we choose the best wheat so you can always find the perfect flour for the needs of your recipe. This is the secret that will guarantee that your savoury, fried or sweet recipes are always spot on, delicious and cooked to perfection.

To make bread, desserts and pastries where you want the dough to rise and be spongy, you can use our stronger wheat flours with a higher protein content: cake flour, bread flour and self-rising flour. To make pies, non-rising bread, pastries in general and to use as a thickener, your best options are our bio flour produced from 100% organic farming, our classic wheat flour or our multi-purpose gluten-free mix. If you want to batter your dishes, we recommend our flour mix for frying and battering.

And if you love wholemeal flours with a high fibre content and extra nutritional properties, you can choose between our multi-grain flour with wholemeal grains (made from wheat, wholemeal spelt, oatmeal and wholemeal rye), our ‘Nature’ flour with wholemeal spelt (with a high fibre content and wholemeal wheat) and our wholemeal flour (made from all three parts of wheat grains).

Choose the right flour for every occasion and enjoy the best flavour in all your dishes.