Our Sauces

Gallo sauces are an explosion of flavour to accompany your favourite pastas. Tomato sauce, pesto, truffle, mushrooms... They will be your best helpers in creating exquisite pasta dishes in just a few minutes.

Bolognese sauce, napoletana sauce, pesto... Find out more about our wide range of sauces created from homemade recipes and with…
Pastas Gallo’s chilled sauces are the perfect match to create delicious pasta meals that will be impossible to resist. Pesto,…



Here at Gallo we make the most delicious sauce recipes to accompany any type of pasta. If you like to experiment in the kitchen, we have a wide variety of Gallo sauces for you. All of them are made from natural ingredients and are the perfect match so you never get bored of your favourite pasta dishes.


We know you love pasta and that each meal has its perfect occasion…and so does each sauce. If you are a sauce lover and enjoy using them in your favourite pasta dishes, but do not want to always eat the same one, at Gallo we have a wide variety of sauces for you. They are made from natural carefully picked ingredients, and each different recipe will give a flavoursome twist to the delicious dishes you prepare at home: bolognese, napoletana, pesto, homemade tomato, basilico, carbonara, vegetarian bolognese… You choose how best to combine your favourite dishes with the best sauces, ready to eat, easy and delicious!

But… pasta is not the only partner for our sauces! Have you tried our parmesan cheese and pear chilled sauce? Or our pesto, mushroom or delicious truffle sauces? Gallo’s chilled sauces are ideal to give a flavoursome twist to your meals. Their versatility makes them great complements to go with any of your favourite dishes: pasta, rice, meat, pizza or just with some healthy vegetables. So, what sauce are you trying today?