Our Breadcrumbs

You can use breadcrumbs to make perfect breaded or battered dishes, to knead dough, make filling or thicken sauces. Do you prefer classic breadcrumbs or garlic and parsley crumbs? Choose your favourite for each occasion and savour Gallo’s quality. Also, our gluten-free breadcrumbs are the best option for those gluten intolerant consumers who do not want to give up flavour.



Gallo’s breadcrumbs will become your best helper when adding crunchiness to your battered and grilled dishes, as well as giving texture and flavour to many meals, fillings and sauces.


Have you heard about our range of crunchy breadcrumbs? Here at Gallo we know that quality breadcrumbs can make a meal go from good to exceptional. Their fine texture makes them extremely versatile and makes them the ideal ingredient to coat or batter, or to use for kneading dough, for thickening or for fillings.

There are countless recipes where you can use Gallo’s breadcrumbs. For example, battered or breaded dishes like croquettes, flamenquines, schnitzels or nuggets and you will always get that crunchy exterior and that tender and juicy texture on the inside. You can also choose from a thinner or a thicker crumb depending on which your family likes best. But that’s not all: Gallo’s breadcrumbs help you provide texture to meals like meatballs, gazpachos and cream soups. They can also be used to bind sauces and thicken stews and purées, as well as to get great results for your grilled, baked and roasted dishes.

Gallo’s breadcrumb range has four different varieties of crumbs so you can choose the right ones for each of your recipes and according to your taste. There is our classic breadcrumbs, with a thinner crumb made from wheat flour, yeast and salt, our garlic and parsley breadcrumbs, with an intense flavour to lift your meals, our crunchy breadcrumbs, with a mixture of wheat and durum flour in order to get a thicker and crunchier texture, and lastly, our gluten free-breadcrumbs, which will give you the same flavour as always but without gluten.