Our Pastas

More than 200 different varieties of pasta so you can find the best one for your dish or occasion. All pastas are made from our exclusive selection of durum wheat and comply with the most comprehensive controls to guarantee the perfect texture and unique flavour that you love so much.

Classic pastas, wholemeal, bio, a special pasta for salads, gluten free... all produced using natural ingredients of the highest quality…
Filled fresh pasta made from wheat semolina of the highest quality wrapped around the best, freshest natural ingredients: meat, cheese,…



Discover all the different types of pasta that Gallo offers you. A wide range of quality pastas that will guarantee that your dishes are never boring, so you can enjoy the pleasure of eating pasta whenever you want. Have you discovered all of Gallo’s pasta varieties?


Pasta is an extremely complete, varied and versatile food that both adults and kids love. There are many types and shapes of pasta (short, long, filled, sheets…) and they are all easy to cook. It is one of the most popular ingredients in everyone’s kitchen and it can be combined with almost any other dish. So, it is no surprise that there are thousands of recipes featuring pasta as their main ingredient.

Here at Pastas Gallo we have been making different types of high-quality pasta for years, always thinking of pasta lovers and amateur chefs who enjoy creating innovative dishes with fresh and dried pasta.

Our delicious pasta varieties have been created to cater for every type of person and occasion, so you will always be able to prepare any pasta dish and satisfy even the most discerning palates: wholemeal pasta (made from wholemeal wheat), egg pasta, pasta for salads, gluten-free pasta for people who have coeliac disease (and for the whole family), bio pasta, filled pasta, multi-grain pasta, vegan pasta, classic pasta, thin pasta, filled fresh pasta, couscous, pasta sheets for cannelloni and lasagne… Because no matter who you are, we want you to enjoy the pleasure of eating pasta whenever you want.

Think about which variety of pasta you would like to eat today, unlock your most creative cooking side and choose the perfect match: together with one of our sauces, in a fresh salad, in a hot soup, with vegetables, in a stew… Do you have an idea yet? So, what pasta are you cooking today?