By milling the durum wheat with special grooved cylinders that cut the grain instead of turning it into flour, little yellow grains are obtained. These grains form what we call semolina.

Semolina retains the best qualities of wheat: fibre, vitamins and mineral salts.


Semolina retains the best qualities of wheat: its nutritious essence and vital principles, a high content percentage of fibre and wheat germ, vitamins and mineral salts.

High-quality pasta made from 100% durum wheat semolina has an amber-yellow colour and is transluscent and hard to break. It needs longer cooking times than pasta made from flour or other blends, and it can triple its volume. Also, it does not lose its shape or fall apart and leaves the water clean and colourless. It retains nutrients and, once cooked, keeps its yellow colour and a pleasant smell and taste.

Pasta made with flour is pale, soft and sticky. It tastes like raw breadcrumbs and it has less ability to absorb sauces.
Gallo Pastas: 100 % durum wheat, 100% satisfaction.


A grain of wheat is made up of the germ, endosperm and the outer protective layer (bran) of the grain.

The ideal milling process separates the endosperm (semolina) completely, without leaving any traces of bran or germ. Something quite impossible to do.

To obtain the best semolina, the central part of the wheat grains (the germ of the durum wheat grain) has to be extracted. The best germs will be those with a low content of ashes and few black and red dots.

During the milling process, after putting the grains through the mills a few times, a clean and uniform semolina is obtained thanks to sifting processes and the removal of undesired particles.

The better the quality of the semolina, the lower the yield of the wheat (number of kilos of semolina obtained per kilo of wheat).

At Gallo we make our pastas with the highest quality semolina, so our customers can have premier pasta on their tables.

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