Now you know what affects the glycaemic index (GI) of foods. Now learn some strategies to reduce the GI, especially in those foods with a high GI (<70) or medium GI (56-69).


Potato 86-95 – Boil the potato with its skin on (GI 65)
– Use a quick cooking process and avoid mashed potatoes
White rice 70-85 – Use the following varieties of rice:
wholemeal (GI 55), Basmati (GI 50),
wild (GI 45)
– Quick cooking times, about 10 minutes
White bread 70-75 – Replace with wholemeal bread (GI 49)
– Toast the bread (GI 62)
Pasta 51-58 – Replace with wholemeal pasta (GI 42)
– Quick cooking times, eat pasta al dente
Breakfast cereals 70-85 – Replace with high-fibre cereals (GI 38),
sugar-free muesli (GI 55) or oatmeal (GI 40)…
Sweet biscuits 59-65 – Replace with wholemeal biscuits (GI 38)
Fruit 40-66 – When possible, eat fruit with its
Fruit juices 40-50 – Choose juices with a low GI concentration, such as
apple, peach or orange
– Choose juices with pulp and that are sugar-free
Sports or electrolyte drinks 65 – Reduce sugar concentration
by adding 50% of water

Chocolate 45 – Choose chocolate without milk,
dark chocolate
or 70% cocoa (GI 23)
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