Mum, I had this at school today!, A sentence repeated in many homes in Spain where children have lunch at school.

Planning dinners that complement the school menu can seem like a difficult feat. Here’s an easy trick for you to pull it off.

Let’s see an example;





Rice with seafood       

Green beans with potatoes
Chicken with chips

Battered hake with salad



On Monday night, protein should not come from poultry or fish. So you can choose eggs, beef or rabbit. To complete the dish, you need some carbohydrates that are different from rice and potato, so you can offer them pasta. And finally, to give your kids a perfect dinner, you just need some vegetables. In this example, it should be raw vegetables, so a small salad, a few cherry tomatoes or a mild gazpacho could be the perfect choice.

Therefore, a good dinner option for Monday or Tuesday could be:


Spirals with fresh diced tomato,
grated carrot and olives
Mushroom omelette

Natural yoghurt


Three-coloured pasta salad with seeds
Chicken burger with cherry tomatoes

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