You can use breadcrumbs to make perfect breaded or battered dishes, to knead dough, add texture, make fillings or thicken sauces. Breadcrumbs are an essential ingredient in our daily cooking. Do you know the different types of breadcrumbs that there are? And more importantly, do you know how to store them in your pantry so they don’t go bad? Read on to find out.

The trick to storing breadcrumbs

To store breadcrumbs (once the package has been opened) you must pour the contents into an airtight container. Ideally it will be a glass recipient, although you can also use a metal or plastic jar. Additional tip: add a couple of dried laurel leaves too. You’ll notice how it keeps for longer!

What different types of breadcrumbs are there?

Quality breadcrumbs can turn a meal from good to extraordinaire. Breadcrumbs are the perfect ingredient to bread, batter, knead dough, thicken sauces, add texture and make fillings. There are endless recipes where you can use Gallo’s breadcrumbs and you can choose between a thinner or a thicker crumb depending on what you like best.

Gallo’s breadcrumbs range:

At Gallo we know that there’s a right type of breadcrumb for everyone. Therefore, we have created four different varieties. Which one is your favourite?

Classic breadcrumbs:

With a thinner crumb made from wheat flour, leavening and salt.

Garlic and parsley breadcrumbs:

With an intense flavour that will take your battered dishes to the next level and give them a different twist.

Crunchy breadcrumbs:

Made from a mixture of common wheat and durum wheat flour to get a thicker and crunchier crumb that will keep your battered dishes soft and juicy on the inside.

Gluten-free breadcrumbs:

You can get the same traditional flavour for your sauces and battered dishes, without any traces of gluten.

Now that you know how to store breadcrumbs at home and the different varieties that Pastas Gallo offers you, you’re ready to start cooking. Prepare tasty sauces and breaded, battered or grilled dishes with your favourite breadcrumbs as your helper and show off your results to your friends and family!

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